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Hall Representatives
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Number of vacancies: 1

The Hall Representative will represent the interests of UCL students living in halls, and will be responsible for bringing any related matters or campaigns that are in the interests of the student community. The Hall President chairs the hall committee whose role is to promote a sense of community with the residence.


Amy Vatcher
If elected, I would work hard to voice the views of the students I represent in order to create the best communal living experience possible. I have prior experience in leadership and pastoral responsibilities which make me an ideal candidate for this role. In particular, I would aim to improve the facilities available to the halls/houses, and I would organise social events to encourage greater integration between the four houses/halls.
Andreea Vladulescu
Hi! I am a Romanian pal and I have always been passionate about change. In the past, I’ve been one of the founding members of an Interact club (we did charity mixed with cool social events), I’ve organized a book club and I fought for change at an outdated newspaper. But right now, I live in Max Rayne House and even though Camden is a beautiful place, all the halls need improvement and I am ready to fight for that!

If elected, I will:
• Implement a complain/feedback system, so that no matter what problem you encounter, we can try and solve it fast
• Be there for every member of the Ifor Evans, Max Rayne, Ann Stephenson and Neil Sharp Houses
• Organise social events (aka amazing parties and cool get-togethers)
• Fight for improvements such as: better kettles and toasters, but also a “debugging” process (or at least convince the bugs to start paying rent)
• Lobby for a better cost-quality rent

Vote for me!
Clara Mondragon Bayarri
I love a challenge, and the role of Hall Representative is challenging. This position requires passion, time management, initiative and resilience. I am determined to put into action all these qualities and provide our hall of residence with effective leadership. I adapt to change rapidly and efficiently. Having moved from Spain to study at a British boarding school in North Yorkshire at the age of 12 taught me the importance of becoming self-reliant and being open-minded towards a completely different culture and environment. Many of the students living here face this change on a daily basis and I seek to offer them my time and expertise to help them adapt and familiarise themselves with our exciting surroundings.
I will ensure that your views are listened to and taken seriously. My time at a pre-college course at Princeton University trained me as a public speaker and debater. I am persuasive, adept and perceptive. Do you feel as if you are an unheard vegan? Or are you a trapped party animal due to the expenses of a night out in London? Are you tired of having to queue to dry your clothes because two tumble dryers aren’t working? You have been heard.
Michael Kennedy
Whether it's cockroaches and mice running around in your kitchens and hallways, keeping reception open for longer so you can collect your packages or ensuring that you're allowed to use the common room past 11pm I will put all of your ideas and concerns forward to the appropriate authorities. In doing so I hope to make Ifor Evans, Max Rayne and Ann Stephenson nicer and more comfortable places to live and work in. I will make myself contactable by mobile, email or even face to face so that you have a point of contact to raise issues and feel like they are going to be sorted out rather than just go unheard.