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Hall Representatives
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Number of vacancies: 1

The Hall Representative will represent the interests of UCL students living in halls, and will be responsible for bringing any related matters or campaigns that are in the interests of the student community. The Hall President chairs the hall committee whose role is to promote a sense of community with the residence.


Prune Bouillot
I would love to become a hall representative because I like undertaking responsabilities. I am an organized person, and am commited to represent students interests. I am good listener, and will take notes of any suggestions/requests regarding everyday life and organization in halls of residence.

The first thing that needs to be supported is the fight against accomodation’s rents, which are ridicoulusly high.

Furthermore, we are all living away from our home, and I believe that feeling just like being at home in halls is really important in order to enjoy this exciting year and make the most of it.
Being a hall representative will be an opportunity to organize different activities, events, or trips especially at Goldsmid House, where we are divided in two blocks, making it hard to meet everyone and share time all together.
Bringing in common rooms and/or common study rooms in halls lacking these facilities could also be a first step to a nice atmosphere of sharing. The people we live with will become like a family throughout the year, and I think it would be a great thing to extend this sense of community to the entire house.