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Hall Representatives
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Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1

The Hall Representative will represent the interests of UCL students living in halls, and will be responsible for bringing any related matters or campaigns that are in the interests of the student community. The Hall President chairs the hall committee whose role is to promote a sense of community with the residence.


Katherine Eyre
I’m Kate, an Economics Masters student from New Zealand living at John Adams and I want to be your halls representative!

We have been given this wonderful opportunity to live and study in central London. As your hall representative, I will make sure any issues and concerns related to your daily living conditions are taken seriously and resolved promptly. My responsibility is to ensure each of you has a great time living here.

In the last two years I have been helping students with their accommodation and living needs. I was a house manager for a student housing cooperative in Canada, and in 2015 I was a “Kiwi host” for exchange students visiting New Zealand. Other students will confirm I am reliable, organised and always take action to get things resolved. I am friendly and very approachable.

Social events are an important part of halls life, and I will work to organise and promote events for our halls, like and international food night or games night. I look forward to getting to know you - and hearing your feedback and ideas for our community.
Alexandros Xafopoulos
Relevant Experience:

- UCL: Two-year postgraduate study.
- UCL Halls: Two-year accommodation.
- Privately: Tutoring/mentoring UCL/UK students in Programming & Mathematics.
- MA Education & Technology Programme Committee: Student representative.
- UCL IOE Research, Consultancy & Knowledge Transfer Committee: Student representative.
- UCL ChangeMakers-awarded University Coding Tutoring Project: Project Coordinator & Founder.
- UCLU-supported volunteering Secondary Maths Tutoring Project: Project Coordinator & Founder.
- UCL conference, open day, & event roles.
- Dissertation on UCL postgraduate engagement & performance.
- Undergraduate study abroad.

Role Statement:

My main aim and priority as a prospective Hall representative is to enhance the quality of accommodation and supportive services and the holistic well-being inside the world-leading, global university, and more specifically its Halls of residence John Adams Hall, Endsleigh Gardens, and Gordon Square. This aim includes improvements in resident service, study and social spaces, internet, room conditions, funding, fees, career and social events and opportunities. These targets can be achieved by scaffolding an inspiring team spirit of collaboration and excellence among UCL students and accommodation staff. The online platform Slack can enable direct report of student concerns and suggestions. Let's feel the wave of unbeatable unity!