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Why are you standing?: 

“Making residences your home”. This is the most important point of my manifesto. Everyone has the freedom and rights to give our opinions in order to make our home better. And I would like to be the person to make your voice heard.

My first priority will be providing more chances for students (especially international students) to express their ideas by organising necessary short meetings with staff and doing regular survey. Second, I want to enhance students’ experience in socialising and studying in accommodation. More social events including outdoor activities among residents are likely to be developed. I will also commit to provide a better and quieter learning environment for students using the study room.

My previous experience of working as a member of the Liaison Department of University boosts my confidence of being a representative of halls. I also developed excellent communicational skills and interpersonal skills from my experience of organising activities for newspaper office and companies. I have a strong sense of responsibilities and passion for this position and I believe I am the right person to represent you in UCL Residences.