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Why are you standing?: 

As a resident of Ramsay Hall, I believe all of us want to strive to improve our living conditions. I want to help that process and make it easier. Personally, I like solving problems outside of my studies particularly problems that are directly relevant to me and the people I live with. By improving my own living conditions I will also improve the lives of those living around me, my friends and the people I care about. Furthermore, I've lived in other dormitories before and have experienced fixing problems with food, living conditions and furniture. Hence, I should have enough experience to do a good job in this role. That is why I think I have the necessary motivation to fulfill this role.

I would immediately try to solve these pre-existing problems

1) Fix the dryers in the laundry that aren't working

2) Create a platform for residence to complain about broken furniture which I know is common in the older blocks and help them fix it.

Following this, I would also attempt to:

1) Make the fire alarms less sensitive so that we stop getting false fire drills

2) Greater variety and quality of food

3) Organize some parties