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Why are you standing?: 

I love a challenge, and the role of Hall Representative is challenging. This position requires passion, time management, initiative and resilience. I am determined to put into action all these qualities and provide our hall of residence with effective leadership. I adapt to change rapidly and efficiently. Having moved from Spain to study at a British boarding school in North Yorkshire at the age of 12 taught me the importance of becoming self-reliant and being open-minded towards a completely different culture and environment. Many of the students living here face this change on a daily basis and I seek to offer them my time and expertise to help them adapt and familiarise themselves with our exciting surroundings.

I will ensure that your views are listened to and taken seriously. My time at a pre-college course at Princeton University trained me as a public speaker and debater. I am persuasive, adept and perceptive. Do you feel as if you are an unheard vegan? Or are you a trapped party animal due to the expenses of a night out in London? Are you tired of having to queue to dry your clothes because two tumble dryers aren’t working? You have been heard.