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Why are you standing?: 

As a pre-sessional course student, I have been living in New Hall for three months since the beginning of July. It is my beautiful home and I really love living here with other students from around the world. That’s why I want to stand up for the hall representative to dedicate my efforts to make it an even more beautiful and comfortable place to live. It is a wise choice to vote for me. First thing first, I’m good at working with students and university staffs. This can be proven by my three years working experience in the students’ union of my college when I did my undergraduate degree. This experience ensures that I would stand for the interests of New Hallers properly and communicate smoothly between the UCL and residents. Moreover, although New Hall is home to lots of international students of UCL, it is a fact that the majority of the residents here come from China. Therefore, I believe that, as a Chinese student myself, I would understand them and communicate with them better. Last but not least, I am an easy-going guy who really love making friends! Make your right choice and vote for me :-) !