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Why are you standing?: 

I want to be a faculty StAR to promote a more democratic and participative practice in the Arts & Humanities. I have three priorities to work on: to address the space issue in the faculty; to start talking about the problems relating to isolation promoting peer support groups where needed; to raise awareness about academic practises that may relate to mental health problems.

The UCLU is doing a great job to tackle these three issues, but we need to bridge those efforts to the particular needs of our faculty. This is where we need to strengthen our democratic and participative practices. I will represent the different experiences at a departmental level, via direct consultation to students or in coordination with each department’s StAR, and make sure that they have an impact in decision-making at a faculty level. I have been a StAR for a year, and have successfully transmitted students’ concerns, promoted changes in the democratic practices at my department, and promoted a sense of community and peer support. I am sure that working together we can enhance our general experience at UCL and make it a more inclusive place.