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Why are you standing?: 

Hi, My name is Javier (that is like [xaˈβjeɾ] or [Ha-Bee-Err rolling the last R]). You may have seen me around in the last meetings. Before joining the MA Human Rights, I worked in an international humanitarian organization for some years around the Americas, Turkey and Europe trying to make our organization more transparent and addressing the needs of vulnerable people both designing action plans and in some cases carrying food parcels on my back.

Coming back to the university after some years of working is allowing me the time to acquire new skills and also to engage in the welfare of our community.

I was very happy to see there is an active LGTB+ group in the university; I believe that developing networks or having a group to rely on is very important towards general mental health. It certainly contributes towards a more integrated life. With your support, I would like to focus on having a welcoming network and mental health promotion. :3