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Sarah Johnston

Sarah Johnston

I have been part of the UCL Hiking Club from the beginning of the year, and I have attended almost every single hike and event! I absolutely love the club, so I aimed for a more active role halfway through the year, and became the Social Media Officer and a walk leader. On top of my assigned duties, I am always helping out in the club wherever I'm needed - be it on walks, socials, residentials, organizing and planning, advertising, representing, socials, or just being a happy and inclusive face of the club! These extra things I volunteer with to help with the club are important aspects to be Vice President. I do my best to be everywhere and anywhere, I can quickly solve unexpected problems, I’m organized and proactive, and can lend a helping hand wherever it may be needed. I love the Hiking Club and everyone in it, and feel like I suit this position in the skills I can bring to the committee, and through a bright personality! :)