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SSEES Society Committee
Voting closed 7 months ago.
Number of vacancies: 1


Max Seshadri

Max Seshadri

I’m a second year HPE student here at SSEES. I’ve loved my last couple of years at SSEES, but like everyone I’ve had ups and downs. My President, Grace and I have recognized four areas in which SSEES could improve to make life easier, and more enjoyable for students. We are determined to implement change in these areas once elected.

Firstly: We support a totally democratic and transparent approach to SSEES Society spending. You deserve to have a direct impact on where SSEES society spending is going, and you deserve to know how it’s being spent.

Secondly: Max and I are going to hold fortnightly ‘office hours’. These will be open to all SSEES students, giving you the opportunity to access your elected representatives directly.

Thirdly: We are determined to increase integration of SSEES students across all years, and all courses. We’ll do this through new events; mentor-mentee start of term mixers; and department-wide discussion forums.

Fourthly: We are going to lobby the department and your lecturers to record and upload more lectures to Lecturecast, and encourage lecturers to improve the quality of your coursework feedback.

These changes would make life at SSEES easier for all students. They are within reach. Vote Grace and Max for President and Vice President of SSEES Society.


Lili Naómi Zemplényi

Lili Naómi Zemplényi

Hi! I am Lili Naómi Zemplényi, and I am running for SSEES Society Vice-President. My genuine passion for leadership and representation can be illustrated by my previous experiences - I was the President of the Student Council of my high school for more than two years, Leader of the Delegation to the European Youth Parliament, and currently, I am UCL's NUS delegate.

I’m running in a coalition comprising of both PSEES and HPE students.

We will carry out three major social events for you to mingle with other SSEES students - SSEES exclusive club party, Christmas ball, and Boat party. Furthermore, pub crawls and quizzes are a given! These will take place regularly, to give you a breather anytime you need it!

When you’re ready to get back to work, we’ll make sure your tutorials are top class! We’ll survey the work of PGTAs, and hold a series of essay writing workshops.

Closer relationships between lecturers and students will be established at Departmental dinners.

To make use of the skills you’ve acquired, job-shadowing with alumni as well as a dedicated platform for CEE specific work and internship opportunities will be established.

Vote DPPS to make SSEES a blast for students!

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