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Azizan Wazir

Azizan Wazir

I have been part of the society for the entirety of my university life. The club has become my home and the members my family, I believe there are a few critical changes that need to be made to the club to improve it.

Have a dedicated Social Session Coordinator. I believe this would encourage more newcomers to social sessions on Sunday as many come to learn pool or snooker, but there hasn’t been a dedicated person assigned to teach the beginners.

Host friendly tournaments on a more regular basis. This would encourage more players to take the game more seriously and give people the opportunity to play more serious matches as opposed to just knocking balls around in practice.

Be more active on social media. Activity on Instagram and Facebook would help to garner attention to the club, encouraging more people to join and take interest.

In addition to these changes, I would also continue searching for monetary and equipment sponsors to boost the club’s fundings. My contributions to the club so far have included gaining a new equipment sponsor, who has donated almost £500 worth of equipment to the club.

Hope you vote for me, thank you!