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Number of vacancies: 1


Emily Walsh

Emily Walsh

Having treasured being an active member of the society this year, I am now committed to actively contributing to its leadership and future.

While strengthening our current sponsorship commitments, I will continue to uphold our economic stability whilst ensuring that our board game and book collections remain up to date and relevant - as well as securing enjoyable long-term event investments, such as the recently popular murder mysteries. As the right hand to the president, I will work to be a supportive role and ensure that the society runs with the aims and enjoyment of its members as our central focus.

UCL SFFS has made a substantial difference to my wellbeing at university, and this is something I would like to introduce to more people. This society has a unique atmosphere which allows those with previous social anxieties in particular to feel more secure and safe; something that I both regard as our responsibility to spread, and will work with the President to fiercely protect.

Due to my strong commitment, ardor, and determination, I believe that I am the best suited candidate to fulfill these aims.


Michael Fleetwood-Walker

Michael Fleetwood-Walker

Finance is immensely important in sustaining any society, and ours is no exception. As a person, I feel I’m well placed for this role. I am competent at interfacing with bureaucracies, and have enough experience with the society to understand where our money should be spent.

My aim as treasurer would be to pursue a cautious expansionary policy. The society needs fundamentally to keep attracting new members, to fuel its growth both socially and financially. More attendees means more members, which in turn leads to more membership dues. In this manner, it seems sensible to spend liberally, in order to attract and retain members. This would be directed towards standard expenses, such as new board games, RPG materials, etc., but also others. This would be comprised of spending on more novel events, in order to improve the operation of these, so increasing the wide appeal of the society.

However, it should be noted that this spending will not be unchecked. As detailed in the previous treasurers report, the exact nature of our income is variable. Additionally, some amount of money should be held, in order to shield against loss of property or other unexpected incidents.