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Jessica Badgery

Jessica Badgery

There are 2 main reasons why I'm standing for the Website Editor: 1. every week I click broadcast on my show, fresh and ready, and by 3 minutes in myself, and everyone else who ventures onto the website, can see my listeners have never peaked over 6 in the 6 months I have been doing my show. This injustice must end, because I can't take the crippling sadness that comes with the reminder every week that I have awful taste in music, and not even my own parents can stand to tune in. The 2nd reason is because I want to make the UCLights page not a Tumblr page - it doesn't really fit in with Rare and UCLights /image/ of indie coolness. Plus I feel like the articles that don't make it into the cool magazine publication are kind of drowned out on the Tumblr page and don't really get the acknowledgement and awe that is required.

Also I just love the society and have had loads of fun this year with super cool people, and want to carry on hanging out with cool people next year.