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Leoni Roberts
I'm passionate about music and want to be more involved at Rare FM and UnCL. Head of Music seems like a position that I would enjoy and be good at.
I love going to gigs, interacting with people and listening to new music, so those aspects of the job are well suited to my personality.
I would also ensure that the A & B playlists contained only the best songs (in my humble opinion ;) )
George Garton
I’m George Garton. This year, my friend Matteo and I have been airing a series named I’m With The Band, in which we interview some of the most influential people in alternative music. Notable guests have included Dave Balfe and Andy Ross, the men behind Blur; Saul Galpern, who signed Suede; Simon Williams, who was responsible for the rise of Coldplay, and Stephen Taverner, manager of Alt-J, Wolf Alice and others.

I have developed relationships with key players in the music industry and I want to use these to enhance the profile of RARE FM in the University and outside of it. I have already forged links with indie labels such as Fierce Panda and Nude as well as the music management company, East City Management, so I would be able to give you, the members, the opportunity to with new and exciting artists.

My music tastes are varied. I can assure you that the playlists I will curate will be filled with exciting tracks from the most promising up-and-coming artists as well as old ones to appeal to all tastes. I want to help make RARE FM the radio station of choice for UCL students and boost listening figures.