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Maryam Zamir
Hi everyone,

I am a first year law student and I would like to be the treasurer for the Pakistan society... please vote for me!!

I am an extremely organised individual and so I will be able to keep all the budgets (incomes and expenditure) up to date. I have previous experience in this role as last year I was treasurer of my school's Young enterprise society.

I would love the opportunity to work with the rest of the Paksoc team to organise (and fund) more social events to bring everyone together and celebrate Pakistani culture!
Raghib Mirza
As someone who attended almost every single PakSoc event, I became very well acquainted with not only other members but also the committee and their ways of doing things. As a result, I also came into first-hand contact with reoccurring problems and complaints raised which needed to be dealt with diligently. I believe these should always be on the mind of committee members and I would work hard to ensure a flawless experience for all.
In order to achieve this, I believe in a few propositions which I would earnestly work towards, given the chance to be Treasurer:
1. Reward loyal members of the society; it would attract more dedicated students to our society if we rewarded them with reduced ticket prices for future events, better seating etcetera.
2. Hold more regular socials, relaxed in nature, to motivate students to actually meet new people. Free snacks and chai would perpetuate the cultural ambience that we wish to radiate.
Finally, as treasurer it is imperative to ensure that PakSoc's finances are in check; I will make sure that we attract sponsors and engage in profitable events so that we have sufficient financial backing to give members the best experience possible.