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Voting closed 7 months ago.
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Gyubin Hwang

Gyubin Hwang

I’m Gyubin, a first-year Natural Sciences student running for Treasurer of the MUN society. This is my 5th year participating in MUN, and to date, I have participated in almost 30 conferences in 8 different countries. Henry and I have created a comprehensive, actionable vision for the society which we hope you will support.

Our vision for the society is that of a strong club that achieves two main objectives:

1. Makes full use of MUN as a platform to teach essential diplomatic skills

2. Fosters public awareness of and interest in the United Nations and global affairs

As Treasurer, I will not only devote my efforts to efficient management of society finances, but promise to play an active role in improving the society in every aspect.

By voting for me as Treasurer, you can be assured of an eventful, productive year that sees UCL MUN Society reach new heights.