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Nicola Teng
As the current VP, there were many things I wished to accomplish this year that I hope to bring into the coming year. Firstly, I will work harder to attain more sponsorships for the society prior to the start of/early in the 2019/2020 academic year. Furthermore, I have plans to invite expert knitters/crocheters to conduct classes at UCL or have trips to classes within London. I would also like to see the Society move towards a more charitable goal and collaborate with different charities such as Battersea Cats and Dogs, Knit for Peace, and Knitting for the Homeless. Most of all, I plan to attain a grant from the Student Union for a trip to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival where our members can enjoy a subsidised (overnight) trip which will be great exposure to different yarns, knitting societies/communities and most of all, be a relaxing trip that will help us de-stress before exams. I believe that I can carry forward the experience I gained this year to better run the society for the benefit of our members.