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Isabelle Haynes
I wish to apply as treasurer to keep the jitsu club and the community running. To continue the good work done previously, in the hope of giving others what was given to me during my first year at the club. I am not only interested in keeping up the standards but also in creating opportunities for other branches of the committee (i.e. social events, etc). Furthermore, I wish to work closely with the committe and ensure a smooth functioning of the jitsu club.

I work hard, give 100%, I am methodical, organised and effective. I have been in situations of leadership in financial managment. Attributes which will continue developing throughout this position and will help in the role of treasurer.
Kara Ellis
Hi guys!
I would like to be treasurer of Jitsu Society because I’ve really loved being part of the club this year and am really keen to get actively involved next year. Besides budgeting to afford to live in this expensive city, I have experience with dealing with finances at work, where I am trusted by Waitrose to handle thousands of pounds of money every week when cashing up.
If I am made treasurer, I aim to keep mat fee prices as reasonable as possible for both UCL students and other members, whilst also trying to encourage more people to join the club! :)