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Philip Chennery

Philip Chennery

Through my time with IDEA society I have been able to evolve in ways I had never before imagined, both in the world of entrepreneurship and business but also in my personal development.

Because of this experience I want to make sure that others will be able to make the most of their time at IDEAS and develop their own skill-set and talent. I believe that the best position for me to do this is as the Treasurer.

Being treasurer would give me a unique chance to bring benefits to both the students and the society through new sponsorship and funding opportunities as well as collaborating with treasurer's from other societies for our mutual benefit.

I would also be in a position to provide rewards for hardworking members and groups within the society aimed at stimulating hard work and drive, as well as bringing the IDEAS family closer together by funding team building trips and events.

I promise to fulfil my responsibility as a treasurer, to optimise spending and make the most out of all revenue streams, whilst also ensuring the society remains financially stable.