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Fabian Spoendlin

Fabian Spoendlin

I am running for president for two reasons: Developing the Handball family at UCL and love for the sport.

I’ve been playing Handball since I was 9 years old, I have been a member of the club for the last two years and was captain of the men’s team last year. During this time, I have had a lot of insight into how the club works, I know what is needed to keep the club running and what the challenges of this position are. We have had great development over the last years and I will continue working on this development to step-by-step create an even bigger and better club. For this purpose, I will enhance a few aspects of the club and work to improve the experience for each and every member. Things I will work on:

• Make training as beneficial and enjoyable as possible for both beginners and advanced players

• Bring back biweekly training

• Get proper handball courts for training

• Ensure there is a LUSL league for the women’s team

• Better integrate beginners in the teams (e.g. beginner friendly)

• Get travel refunds

Handball is growing in the UK, so let’s also grow as a club!