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Si Yuan

Si Yuan

I have acquired a breadth of experience across different functions in running a student society, which I believe would help prepare me for the Vice-President role. Alongside collating a list of potential sponsors and reviewing the sponsorship package as a Sponsorship Officer, I also helped organize our “Plastic: A Health Crisis” last month, by researching and contacting suitable speakers. Outside GES, I am also the First-Year Representative of UCL Effective Altruism Society. There, I reached out to other societies, requesting them to publicize or collaborate on events which we organize. I am thus confident I can carry out this role with zeal should I be elected.

By taking on the Vice-President role, I am well-poised to assist the future President in ensuring his/her goals of the society are realized, as my experience across different functions allow me to identify problems and render help whenever necessary. I believe I am competent enough for the role, and hope that I can be given this opportunity to better serve GES. Thank you!