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Bethany Hayes

Bethany Hayes

I’m Beth and I am a first-year medical student, and I would love to be the Treasurer of GenFem Soc. I expected to find a greater sense of community at university. This is something I have experienced at GenFem events, so I would like to be as involved as possible. I have served as treasures to my friend’s Welsh Society and though I’ve stepped down (I’m not Welsh), the training gave me an understanding of the role of a treasure, and how much I would enjoy it. I appreciate it requires commitment and responsibility and, if I was treasurer, I would do everything I could to benefit the society. This would include subsidising ticket costs for those who could not otherwise to attend events.

I don’t remember when I first said I was a feminist. I just know that the older I got, and the more I read, the more I wanted to be involved in creating solutions. I joined the Women’s Equality Party when I was 16. They have drawn my attention to the cuts to women’s facilities, including refuge shelters. Therefore, as treasurer, I would like to see GenFem become more involved in fundraising for charities like Refuge.