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April Santos
I am standing for the role of treasurer because I want to be involved in a leadership role in Free Hype society next year to create a positive impact. Whilst making sure the society maintains its current strengths, I also want to introduce new changes so Free Hype society can reach its full potential and be a good experience for everyone involved. See attached document for my full manifesto.
Emma Davis
I was this year's Marketing Officer and I'd like to continue my journey at Free Hype. As a direct and straight-forward person, I'd like to summarise my manifesto with these bullet points:

- Good with data analysis & spreadsheets (I track my own spending!)
- I've led skills workshops before and would like to put money towards more & better ones
- Organised enough in order to act as secretary and assistant to the President
- Industry knowledge and interest for society member's career development
- Judgement and opinions about how to solve problems
- Have many ideas on how to expand Free Hype's potential as a unique space for voluntary, social enterprise and creative thinking