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Voting closed 6 months ago.
Number of vacancies: 1


Ambreen Shaikh

Ambreen Shaikh

I currently hold the position of Novice Representative on the committee. This means I am accustomed to working to organise the club and need no introduction to how the committee works. As a result, I’ve also noticed a few things about the club that I would make amends to given the opportunity.

Having trained with novices and experienced fencers, I have a good balance and knowledge of the requirements for both. As President I would use this to my advantage and work towards their fulfilment and greater integration.

I am aware of the notorious reputation of the union and believe i would be able to take this in my stride and push the union to ensure the club runs smoothly and the union meets expectations

I would encourage more non-drinking socials at the club. I’ve noticed, it’s the best setting to encourage novices to attend as they feel most comfortable and further a great opportunity to meet other members of the club.

That’s all from me!I hope this is enough to convince you to vote for me. If not, come to the AGM for more details about the role of President and how I would fulfil it.