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Dani Podgoretskaya
Jessica and I are running as Treasurer and President of DIA respectively. Why vote for us? Well, we have a vision and the experience to execute it! I have previously organised three ambassador talks, a formal dinner, and an embassy visit. Together with Jess, I will use this experience to make DiA the best diplomacy society at UCL!
Believe it or not, we do have a plan on how to make our society even better! Our main goal for the next year would be to organise various types of events on a weekly basis. We will also introduce career-focused events with NGO workers and ambassadors so that our members can get an insight into what it's like to work in diplomacy while making valuable connections for the future. In addition, Jessica and I will start a job shadowing programme with one of the London embassies where a member of our society can work side by side with an ambassador.
We believe that Diplomacy in Action should also be a community. For this reason, we will continue organising more social events such as pub quizzes and themed socials. And of course, DiA will continue hosting the diplomacy ball.
Dani Podgoretskaya