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Spencer Shia

Spencer Shia

Conservatism remains woefully underrepresented in discourse here in UCL and among students in London. My goal as president would be to engage our members with the wider discourse on campus and beyond. I seek to accomplish those goals with the following:

1. Weekly Port and Policy. By rotating with the KCL and LSE Tories, we can feasibly have a weekly event that allows our members to have invigorating and entertaining debates while hearing the diverse spectrum of conservative ideas.

2. More social events. By having planned termcards with more dinners, pub/club crawls and even Ceilidhs, we can meet more like-minded people and of course, engage in the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

3. Engage with campus discourse. I will seek to organize regular debates (perhaps bi-monthly or monthly) with the Libdems, Labour and any other groups that have an interest in politics and policy. This will both present a forum for UCL students to hear conservative ideas and a wonderful opportunity for members to engage with opposing viewpoints.

Vote with me and we can make conservatism more engaging, invigorating and accessible than ever!


Jack Walters

Jack Walters

It is an honour to declare my intention to stand for President of the oldest student Conservative society in England. I have decided to run for President because I believe in a Conservative Party that works for the people. I believe that our society must grow on campus and our party must grow throughout London.

In order to be successful at UCL and in the Mayoral Elections we must look outward. We must embrace our Conservative values but move away from the men in suits that deter many students and voters from the party. I want a more inclusive society and party because this will allow the Tories to thrive in future elections and give a voice to Conservative non-member students.

My desire to take us in this direction stems from my own experience of conservatism. The values of my parents, that were influenced by Conservatives of the 1980s, have made me feel this way. I think we can emulate this again. People resonate with being rewarded for their hard-work and determination. To do this we must destigmatise our society, that the left has worked tiresomely to do.

If you vote for me I will not let you down.