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Frederique Joosten

Frederique Joosten

Through my year of being in ucl b-ball I’ve become very committed to both the sport and the club. I want to further that commitment by taking an important leadership role and taking on the challenge of lusl captain. I have a lot of experience working with and leading teams due to playing sports such as basketball and football in school and club teams. I also played an important team role as a member of the Dutch National Debate team, and am very equipped to deal with stress of performance, etc. One of my favorite things about the lusl league is that even if you’re a less experienced basketball player like myself, you still get a chance to play competitively and give your all to the sport. However I think more can still be done to create a true team feeling both socially but also in term of the importance of the team

That is my main goal as lusl captain:

- Working together with other committee members such as welfare to ensure that everyone feels included and welcome

- Working with social sec to organize second team outings

- Provide a voice for the second team when it comes to integration in the club as a whole

- In practice helping the coaches create more a purposeful atmosphere and making sure we are working towards a goals as team and that everyone feels important enough that try their best

- Provide strong but also constructive leadership at ...