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Augustas Žvirblis

Augustas Žvirblis

One does not bid for the Treasurer of UCL Baltic Society without first acknowledging the weight and import of the legacy left by previous generations that occupied and granted honour to this office. No known shortages of funds for any of the activities sets a high standard. Painless and efficient membership fee collection. The delicacy of the snacks in the social events and other signs indicate that the past record is hard to match.

Shortly about me: I am a first year Philosophy, Politics and Economics student. I have some experience in dealing with money in non-governmental organisations: being the head of a branch Young Conservative League and a member of a politics watchdogging org Zinau ka Renku.

My role is then to 1) keep the good stuff as it is and 2) find ways to expand, improve and take advantage.

Expand. As the experience of the Lithuanian Presidential Debate event proves, Baltic Society with or without collaboration with other organisations is able to draw crowds, attract celebs and take part in something larger than UCL Baltic community. My policy is to keep that up. How? More collaborations, more big names and, most importantly, business sponsorship for bigger events.

Improve. Let's face it - we're a society based mainly on culture and nationality which naturally limits our numbers. What can we do about it? First, make sure that all potential joiners are informed about every single move we make. Secondly, enable existing members to be involved as much as possible. ...