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Su Jia Moh

Su Jia Moh

I am running for Volunteering Officer because this role allows me to marry my love for art with my passion for serving my community. Over the years, I have been wedded to museums, acrylics, ink drawings, and volunteering extensively in various capacities - at the UCL Integrated Legal Advice Clinic over the past academic year, at a grassroots advice centre for 4 years, at the Institute of Mental Health for half a year, and spent a couple of months at a hospital safeguarding patients at high risk of bedfalls.

As Volunteering Officer, I want to seek out more varied volunteering opportunities. For instance, painting walls at elderly care homes to bring more color to the lives the elderly’ (I’ve done this in Taiwan!), sculpting mini objects (yes, pottery!) to sell and fundraise, and collaborating with a wider range of charities. I also want to create a sense of community among our volunteers, and provide SNACKS during the volunteering sessions. As a member of the UCL Centre for Access to Justice’s Student Pro Bono Committee, and former President of my high school’s Shooting Club, I believe I have the vision and experience to enhance your volunteering experience with Art Society.