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Ami Saito

Ami Saito

Hello everyone! My name is Ami Saito and I’m running for Anisoc’s president. Anisoc has always been my oasis... everyone helped me through my difficult times, and we shared the most exciting times together. Through the common interest “Anime” we have gathered together and developed such a strong bond. This is what I want to maintain and strengthen even more, so this is what I want to do if I am elected!

1. We currently have annual intercollegiate karaokes and maid cafes (our dream came true at last!) but I hope to have more intercollegiate events.

2. Annual calendar for our events such as; Drinking, karaoke, going to Man With A Mission together, Re: Beach episode!

3. Sponsorships! (such as Tsujiri and Epoc coupons)

4. Weekly votings for Tuesday screenings.

5. Anisoc T-shirts and stickers if possible!!!

6. A well-functioning committee where everyone is supported.

7. The most important thing...I want a society where everyone is comfortable and happy. I will promise that I will do my best if there are any problems arising in the society, in a way which everyone would be satisfied.

Thank you for reading and please vote for me Ami Saito!!!