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Michelle Zhang

Seeing how everyone has bonded through events like TranscenDance really motivated me to run for this position. I highly respect all the hard work done by previous producers in making TranscenDance such a successful tradition, and I hope to continue this pride by having the opportunity to produce for you the 2019 TranscenDance.

As TranscenDance producer, I would aim at getting more universities involved through marketing TranscenDance as a celebration of dance. The role of TranscenDance Producer involves lots of planning, organisation and communication. My previous experience as the Managing Director of Young Enterprise in my secondary school has equipped me with comprehensive event management skills and the ability to deal with emergencies. My past production experience involves leading the organisation of annual whole-school Formals and charity fundraisers, raising over $100,000 HKD.

Working as a Freshers’ Rep this year, I have been involved in the running of the Dance Society Committee and assisted in the production of TranscenDance and Class Showcase. I believe my hands-on experience from this year would contribute to a smooth transition to the new committee and to make improvements happen.

Finally, thank you Dance Soc Family for such an amazing year!