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Freya Proudman

I am familiar with the room booking system used by UCL societies as I’ve made many bookings while serving as the president of UCL Welsh Society. As scheduling officer, I would like to establish a more consistent process for choreographers to request rooms, such as the submission of a form. This form would allow choreographers to state specific times and room preferences if they had them. I would try my best to book that room first, but if not able to, then I would book the next best one that resembled their preference. It would be my goal to book the most appropriate rooms available for each rehearsal by booking as far in advance as possible. While I can’t guarantee it, I would do my best to book things like large rooms for full casts, and hardwood floors for tappers. I’ve also noticed that sometimes rooms, especially in IOE, can be locked. In order to unlock them, the security guards require the room booking confirmation email, which choreographers don’t always have. I would make it a priority to forward all room booking confirmation emails to the specific choreographers that way they can unlock rooms as quickly as possible. Thank you!