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Anna Theodoulides

Do you click ‘interested’ on FB and then forget about the fun events? I’m Anna, a PSEES student passionate about everything political and as an executive officer, I’ll make sure you’ll know about all the happenings. I helped establish the most progressive party in Slovakia, Progresivne Slovensko and am planning to bring my propaganda skills to SSEES so that you never miss an event again!

I’m running in a coalition comprised of both PSEES and HPE students.

We will carry out three major social events for you to mingle with other SSEES students - SSEES exclusive club party, Christmas ball, and Boat party. Furthermore, pub crawls and quizzes are a given! These will take place regularly, to give you a breather anytime you need it!

When you’re ready to get back to work, we’ll make sure your tutorials are top class! We’ll survey the work of PGTAs, and hold a series of essay writing workshops.

Closer relationships between lecturers and students will be established at Departmental dinners.

To make use of the skills you’ve acquired, job-shadowing with alumni as well as a dedicated platform for CEE specific work and internships will be established.

Vote DPPS to make SSEES a blast!