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Election: BIG Vote 2017
Full-Time Officers
Voting is currently closed You would need to self-define as a woman to vote.
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1

The Women’s Officer represents the interests of UCL’s women students. The Women’s Officer will represent women students externally to organisations such as the NUS. They will also coordinate and lead on projects and campaigns on issues relating to Women students. This is a full time paid role in which the elected candidate will also:

  • Have oversight of finances and performance against set budgets
  • Ensure UCLU conducts it activities effectively and efficiently
  • Be an active part of the bodies which govern UCLU’s activities
  • Coordinate campaigns related to issues related to women students
  • Attend and represent women’s interests on UCLU and UCL committees 
  • Attend Union Council and Union Executive Committee
  • Convene the Women’s Network


Justine Canady
Hi, I study History at SSEES and am a student activist. UCLU needs a Women’s Officer who will fight sexism head-on by organising a grassroots campaign led by UCL's women and non-binary people.__WORKERS’ RIGHTS ARE WOMEN’S RIGHTS__ As women we are paid less for our work. I will campaign to end the gender pay gap for teaching assistant and for UCL Justice for Cleaners.__FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL__Cuts in bursaries and maintenance grants along with tuition fees rises have made universities less accessible to women. I’ll campaign for #GrantsNotDebt, lower rent, and against increased tuition fees.__ FREE CHILDCARE__ Nearly 10% of UCL students have caring responsibilities, most of whom are women. We need to push for more support, including bursaries to cover costs and to expand the current daycare.__END SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND VIOLENCE__ I will continue the Women’s Network Zero Tolerance Campaign and help fight for gender neutral toilets. I will work to make reporting sexual harassment and assaults on campus much easier for all genders and promote women-only fitness classes.__SUPPORT HEALTHCARE & SAVE OUR NHS__We must fight to save our NHS. I will also campaign to increase funds for our Student Psychological Services and sanitary products in every toilet on