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Election: BIG Vote 2017
Full-Time Officers
Voting is currently closed
Position information: 
Number of vacancies: 1

The Education Officer will represent the academic needs of Members to UCL. They will support student representation at all levels and be responsible for the development and implementation of a student representation strategy. They will also convene the Education & Welfare Network. This is a full time paid role in which the elected candidate will:

  • Be an active part of the bodies which govern UCLU’s activities
  • Have oversight of finances and performance against set budgets
  • Ensure UCLU conducts it activities effectively and efficiently
  • Maintain the reputation of UCLU
  • Be an active member of Union Council and Union Executive and other committees
  • Development and implement the Student Representation Strategy


Farouk Garba
I have been a lecturer for more than 3years now. I know what it takes to organise lecture schedule, carry students along and achieve the desired objectives. I am now on the other side of the table once again. As a mature postgraduate student, one is here for a reason. We desire a tailored educational programme with maximum benefit, with an optimal organisation and the constant need for re-evaluation. This is what I stand for, this is what I will ensure.

Sarah Al-Aride
With tuition fees reaching sky high figures it has become more important than ever to get the most out of our time at university and to be able to access the support and services we require at no extra cost! As the Education officer I will strive to ensure the best interests of students are at the forefront of UCL decision making so that all students have the best possible educational experience. A priority of mine would be to continue supporting the campaign against further tuition fee rises as a result of the Teaching Excellence Framework. I hope to also engage in improvements to teaching and the increase in study spaces as well as working to make many essential services (such as obtaining an official academic transcript and the use of card for payment at UCLU cafes) free and more easily accessible. These are but a few of the many areas I wish to develop and improve for the benefit of UCL students.

Alexandros Xafopoulos
+Greetings from Alexandros, CompSci graduate, MA Education & Technology candidate, & private University tutor in Programming & Mathematics standing for Education Officer & kindly asking you to consider voting for me!
I have built significant role-required experience as an IOE PGT Faculty StAR, as a motion-presenting UCLU Council Member, & as a member of the UCL & IOE Student Experience Committees.
My vision is to offer you excellent information, support, & connections & drive critical learning improvements. My priorities are as follows.
Teaching & Learning: More Effective Feedback - Assessment - Tutors - Recordings.
Administration: Lower Fees - Easier Module Selection - Earlier Timetables.
Facilities: More Available & Inspiring Venues - Libraries - Equipment - Materials.
Opportunities: Tutorials - Placements - Events - Funding.
Scaffolding & Inspiring Team Spirit of Collaboration & Excellence connecting Students, Union Officers, Academic & Supportive Staff.
Improving Representation at UCL & UCLU Committees.
Direct Reporting of Student Concerns & Suggestions at Regular Drop In Sessions & On-Site Visits.
Supporting Student & Staff instead of Senior Management Decision-Making.
Supporting campaigns for critical UCL & wider issues: high tuition & accommodation fees, privatisation of studies.
Improving Rights & Inclusion for IOE, RUMS, SOP, International, Women
Lily Rice
Hi! I am asking for your vote because I want all UCL students to get the most out of their education. Whether that means having sufficient resources for your course – making sure the university is prioritising its current students over the future construction of UCL East, or including a more diverse curriculum so that UCL can truly be ‘London’s Global University’; I will work hard to make sure your voices are heard and that real change happens in 2017/18. As an MA Social Justice and Education student, I want education at UCL to work for all students; that’s why my manifesto includes objectives that will improve student experience for as many students as possible. I will campaign against further tuition fee rises and for better learning spaces for both UG and PG students. I will aim to make UCL a safe and inclusive space by opposing Prevent and supporting the Decolonise UCL campaign. I will lobby for better mental health and disability services and for cheaper childcare. I will also make sure that our student union supports important campaigns like ‘Cut the rent’. I want to make sure that when students will change, UCLU can make it happen!