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Sophie Nagasinghe
Why are you standing?: 


I’m Sophie Nagasinghe from France, also half Sri Lankan. I’m here at UCL as an exchange English student for a year. I would like to have the honor of representing 109 Camden Road this year. I would describe myself as a happiness enthusiast; when I’m around I don’t only help people out but also look after their personal well-being.

I’m looking forward to take this responsibility as I have handled similar tasks since Middle School. I’m planning a number of social events and will handle any administrative issues in our hall.

If you choose me as your hall rep, my mains goals will be:

• Improving the safety and security of our accommodation

• Organizing social and cultural events such as trips, Olympiads, where I’ll ensure everyone is in together

• Making the place more affordable by advocating a better rent

I’m ready to face and fight for our rights and for what you want, any suggestions are welcome, so always feel free to talk to me and I’ll be right there to support you.

And obviously don’t forget to vote for me so that I can make our goals real!!!

Thank you.