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Sinem Görücü
Why are you standing?: 

Hello all the Stapleton Residents!

I am Sinem Görücü who is currently running to become the hall representative of our lovely residence. As a postgraduate architecture student who previously lived in four different countries, I have been lucky to experience many different cultures and ways of living. So, I give a great importance to cultural diversity and social interaction as well as unity. If I get selected, one of my main goals will be making everybody’s voice heard about every kinds of issues that Stapleton residents are facing.

Until today I have led many national-scale organisations and co-chaired 2 different student clubs. For the last 4 years, I am also working as a national representative of a global design students organisation which is organising many kinds of events all over the World; including workshops, trips, and exhibitions. In years, taking part in all of those organisations have improved my leadership and communication skills. So now, I would like to use them to make the Stapleton a clean, peaceful and lively place for all of us.

Besides those, I should also mention that I have a professional background on board game design which I have realised some research projects and written my masters thesis on it. I strongly believe in the power of the games in terms of enhancing the communication and interaction among people. With that motivation, I am planning to organise regular board game nights with many interesting board game concepts which residents of the Stapleton will have more opportunity to meet each other and unite.

For more information about myself, my vision or the future goals please do not hesitate to contact me through email or even when you see me in the elevator! :)