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Sara Javadian
Why are you standing?: 

My name is Sara, I am studying Child Psychology and I would love to be your Hall Rep. I am very eager to get involved and make a positive change as I believe our hall should be a safe and homey environment for us. I am very approachable and sociable and have become friends with many of you.

By this point, some of us might be feeling a little homesick, but I believe we can make our own little family here. Hence, one of my top priorities is to plan events for us to socialize and have fun (movie nights, game nights, dancing and workouts, picnics and visits to historical places, etc.). Through this, I hope we can forge closer ties, and turn this hall into our home away from home.

I also have the confidence to speak up for our rights as residents of the hall. Since we moved in, I had proactively contacted the hall manager to discuss issues that affect us collectively. For example, I had pointed out that having maintenance staff enter our rooms without our prior knowledge is against our privacy and had requested for sufficient notice to be given.

I hope I can become the voice of our family.