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Sam Barnes
Why are you standing?: 

Degrees cost a lot. Stress from poor administration, limited resources and looming deadlines can be bad at the best of times, but when we pay between £9,250 to £25,000 annually, it feels like an extra burden. If I were elected faculty rep, my priority would be bringing your concerns to the attention of the faculty and working for a better degree balance - one that reflects the high sums we pay.

As a rep on the library committee last year, I saw first-hand the cuts which are being made to the university’s most valuable resources. As History Academic Rep, I listened to the concerns of fellow students and worked with the department to make major changes to a module, including the introduction of seminars, formative assessments and take-home exams. As President of UCL Medieval Society, I have organised both events and people, and understand the importance of communication.

If I were elected, I would host walk in feedback session so that students have a direct line to the faculty, push against cuts to our most important resources, especially the library, and work for the faculty to provide more support for their students. Together, we can make studying at UCL better.