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Ming Min Teh
Why are you standing?: 

Back in Malaysia, my home country, we have a very diverse nation just like in UCL and London. John Tovell and Arthur Tattersall have students from all over the world and I know how lonely it can be to live away from home and the food you love. As a family, everyone has lots to offer and below are a few objectives I would like to achieve if elected:

1. Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion – celebrate festivals and make traditional foods from different countries (eg. Oktoberfest, Christmas Dinners, Chinese New Year Hotpot)

2. Home Away From Home – activities together every week (eg. Hiking, Picnics, Gardening, Bubble Tea Making, Holiday Abroad)

3. Facilities and Equipment – More fridges! White/Table lights! You name it! We fix it!

4. Your Ear and Voice– If you ever need someone to talk to, I will always be available at 95G1. Drop me a message on FB or Instagram if you would like to meet up, or just to have a cup of coffee (or tea!) outside!

With past experiences as Head Girl and House Captain, I am a very reliable and responsible person. You can expect a friendly, pro-active and organised hall representative so vote for me!