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Lorenzo Faggiano
Sepehr Sharafi
Why are you standing?: 

With an ethnic blend coming from Italy, Iran, and London, we aim at combining our different set of skills in order to represent and improve our Faculty of Historical and Social Sciences.

-We are running to speak up for all of you, but mostly for those who can’t, or are too afraid to do so.

-We are running to provide a safe point of reference for students, and because two minds are better than one.

-We are NOT running to change things, but to provide YOU with the opportunity to change them.

Our three priorities:

1) COOPERATION: As there are over 2000 students within our faculty alone, we propose intra-departmental collaboration to share experiences, information and to socialise and network with fellow students.

2) FEEDBACK IMPROVEMENTS: We plan on getting more detailed feedback that is tailored for each student and that helps all students collectively improve.

3) MODULE SELECTION: Before the start of the year, students should have a deeper overview of the module selection, being to select modules with a syllabus and have a better understanding of what each course requires.

Ad Maiora!