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Lina Algurashi
Why are you standing?: 

Hello Everyone,

I am Lina AlGurashi, a General LLM student. As a Faculty Representative, I would like to ensure that every student gets the opportunity to contribute to the betterment of their educational experience by not only having their feedback relayed to faculty members but to also have such feedback actioned in so far as is possible.

Our interaction with the LLM course, participation in extracurriculars and building of lasting relationships to develop our character and shape our thinking is all incumbent upon ensuring that our educational experience is as fulfilling, as enriching and as accommodating to our needs as is anticipated. As students, we often come across many creative ideas and suggestions during our studies to enhance this experience that we tend brush off or keep to ourselves. However, it is these ideas have the potential to revolutionise and make a difference in the educational experience. That is why as Faculty Representative, I am keen to facilitate UCL’s initiative to boost student satisfaction towards the course by enhancing our learning experience.

UCL has been built on the innovative ideas of people like you, so let me help make your time here as worthwhile as you anticipated.

Thank you!