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Kitty Guo
Why are you standing?: 

Hello everyone! I am Kitty and I'm currently a 3rd-year studying Psychology with Education in the IoE. I am standing for Faculty Representative because I love UCL and the IoE and I believe I will do a good job as a representative.

I have been module rep and course rep in the past two years in my course. Therefore, I am familiar with the academic representative system and already has experiences and training related to the role.

I am an enthusiastic, approachable and efficient person. I observe, I listen, and I take initiatives. I am someone anyone can talk to, I assume an active role in pursuits of issues and I can get things done quickly and well.

As much as I love the IoE, I do believe that there are areas of improvements. Take a look at a detailed manifesto in the file below; below is a summary of my main objectives:

- Encourage and put emphasis on student voices of all undergraduate students

- Establish an open, accessible and anonymous channel of communication with me and, in extension, the Student Union and the Teaching staff.

- Encourage & increase student input in all academic-related areas (e.g. curriculum, assessment & feedback, practice-based learning)

- Increase engagements with the rest of UCL to further integrate the IoE (e.g. module & venue options)

- More access to research and learning opportunities as well as ongoing research within the IoE

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I really appreciate you as a part of the IoE community. With my experiences, skills and qualities, I believe I will be a proactive and effective representative for the faculty.

VOTE FOR KITTY! Thank you. :)