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Johanna Robinson
Why are you standing?: 

Dear Flatmates,

My name is Johanna Robinson, I am currently studying to finish my M.Sc in Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology. I am an international student like many of you, and I understand the uneasy feeling of being away from family and friends. As a hall representative candidate for the Bernard Johnson House, a few of my campaign goals are listed below.

I would like to…

• Create a close ‘family’ atmosphere between the flats where open, honest, and sincere conversations are encouraged

• Advocate on behalf of each student regarding any issues, conflicts, suggestions, or improvement of their living conditions

• Promote a team atmosphere between the SRA, Bernard Johnson management, and residents

• Plan some awesome events for everyone to enjoy and connect further

• (seeing as the Bernard Johnson House is a family accommodation, I would love to plan some activities that will incorporate the whole family as well!)

• Send in a request for outdoor furniture so we can all enjoy the courtyard.

• Also, I would like to see if we could get some outdoor things for the kids, such as football nets that can be used in the courtyard.