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Hanna Jepps
Why are you standing?: 


My name is Hanna and I would love to be your Hall Rep for St Pancras Way and Beaumont Court. With an open and caring personality, I am confident to represent the voices of our accommodation. I have been an academic rep before so I know I can be responsible and can communicate well with my residents.

Coming from an international background, I understand that a lot of us are not used to studying in a foreign country and people can feel homesick or lonely! But as I’ve studied in the U.K. before I am committed to make sure your welfare is of top priority. So, get ready for more post-graduate social events to make you feel more at home, for example I will propose a Chinese New Year celebration!

Considering how expensive this accommodation is, I will press for urgent repairs for the printer in our reception. I want to make sure that we get our money’s worth! I also plan to send you a simple E-complaint form every month so that I can get feedback on what needs to be improved. So, vote for me and I will turn that frown upside down!