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Emer O'Driscoll
Why are you standing?: 

I’m Emer O’Driscoll and I’m studying for MSc in Specialised Translation. I did my BA in English and German at the University of Nottingham so I’ve been in Arts/Humanities faculties for five years.

I have a lot of experience as a student rep. I was a Course Rep and then an Education Rep (like a Lead Departmental Rep) for 3 years during my undergraduate degree, winning ‘Education Rep of the Year’ in my final term. I also work for the SU and dedicate a lot of time to understanding its democratic structures and processes.

As a Faculty Rep, I would focus on making sure the voices of Arts and Humanities students are heard, in a university climate that often seems to prioritise STEM subjects only. I will make sure that you are represented at every SU democratic meeting to shape educational policy.

Some of my ideas include:

Reducing costs for Postgraduate students that unfairly disadvantage those with less money (i.e. extortionate ‘application processing fees’)

Helping better integrate international students who often feel adrift at UCL

But most importantly, I will be listening to your concerns and fighting for change on the issues that you care most passionately about!