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Elly Chaw
Why are you standing?: 

Hello there! My name is Elly and I am a third-year BA English student. This year, I am the President of UCL Hiking Club, which was UCL’s largest sports club last year with close to 400 members (and I was Vice-President at that time).

I am running for the Sports Non-Portfolio Representative position because I want to be the voice of non-competitive sports clubs at UCL. Being from the Hiking Club, we are not only one of the non-competitive sports clubs but also the club with one of the highest numbers of postgraduates. In the club, we are always inclusive regardless of degree level, race, age, and ability level. And I want to bring this spirit of inclusivity into the wider UCL context, for you.

I want to make sports accessible to everyone of all abilities – and emphasise on the fact that sports need not to be competitive; it can be fun and leisurely. I also want to focus on the importance of well-being in sports clubs especially when it is easy for one to feel pressured or marginalised in sports settings.

Hence, if you’d like to see a safer space in sports clubs, please vote for me! Thank you!