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Position: Student Trustee
David Ruttenberg
Why are you standing?: 

I am a distance-learning, postgraduate student. I am also a mid-career, entrepreneur, GRAMMY Music Producer, Amazon best-selling author and newly minted PhD research candidate.

Your vote for me as Student Trustee is important—not for my resumé or ego—but for your betterment.


I am grateful to have myriad successes over 56 years on this planet. Now, I am singularly devoted to contributing to others (learn more at

As a former CEO, officer and board member for various university and professional organizations, I offer you someone who will:

• Listen and respond to your needs—whether you’re local, international or at a distance.

• Provide you with mentorship/leadership by leveraging 35+ years of management, governance and P/L responsibility.

• Represent your interests to those in senior positions at UCL enabling you to secure the highest quality of student life possible.

There is no deficiency of financial, educational or institutional promises made to you this election by those who may not have the heritage, capacity or honorable means to deliver.

With your objectives in mind, I request not only your vote—I solicit your thoughts, ideas and beliefs about how your experience at UCL can be made the best possible.

Thank you.