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Conrad Woolley
Why are you standing?: 

During my time at UCL, sport has acted as a massive part, both playing sport and getting involved in socials. As a result of this sport at UCL is a passion of mine and something I would very much like to be part of to do my best to further improve. I am eager, keen and borderline annoyingly persistent to try and get what I (or this this case you) would want. Having had a committee position in the Football team I am very aware that contacting the union and asking for change can prove very challenging, so I would love to be able to offer more support to the Sports clubs so they really get their thoughts not only heard but also actioned. In addition to this, as a medic I have often felt that the UCL and RUMS sports have been very much isolated from each other, and think it would be beneficial for both to have more of a connection between the two.